Live and Interactive Web-based Training Seminars Plus Outstanding Support

Live and Interactive Web-based Teaching Seminars – Webinars

By outsourcing their thermogram interpretation requirements to specialized interpretation services, practitioners are relieved of a burdensome learning experience. There remain, however, important topics that must be learned by every thermographer, e.g., patient preparation, image acquisition technique, and understanding the findings report.
TAS offers web-based training seminars at no charge to purchasers of TAS systems or FLIR cameras purchased through TAS, and users of the TAS thermogram interpretation services. Webinars are scheduled at the discretion of TAS.
TAS believes that from the practitioner's perspective, ideally, a breast thermography examination should be made simple to perform with a short learning curve. To achieve its objective, TAS supplies proprietary software and procedures that together make a breast thermography examination literally as easy as 1-2-3.
Learning how to properly perform an examination takes less than an hour. The findings report by its nature is a complex document, and understanding it and its subtle nuances requires two hours for explanation.
With TAS software and training there is no need for air travel or hotel, nor a $2,000+ weekend training session. The entire training session takes place within the framework of an internet conference. You never have to leave your office. And, there is no charge to contracted TAS clients or purchasers of FLIR cameras through TAS.

Personal Training

Personal training at your site for up to ten individuals is available and negotiable on an individual basis.